Waterproof Cellphone Holder

$16.99 USD


  • Sensitive touch screen, switch while washing the dishes, see what you want, the operation is barrier-free
  • All-inclusive storage compartment, always at ease, 360° tight waterproof, not afraid of water vapor
  • Double waterproof, unlimited entertainment. It is not boring for bathroom use, bathing and chasing drama; balcony use, laundry is not boring; kitchen use, washing dishes is not boring
  • High-permeability anti-fog film, clear when chasing drama, new type of PET anti-fog film, not afraid of kitchen fireworks, not afraid of bathroom steam
  • It can be horizontal or vertical, entertainment is always online, horizontal display, full-screen chase without obstruction, vertical display, live broadcast without delay
  • 60° fixed opening angle, easy to pick and place, imitated tape drive design, to prevent the phone from falling off when the door is accidentally opened
  • Built-in silicone seal, safe upgrade, blocking fine water vapor, preventing intrusion of components
  • Not picky, suitable for mainstream mobile phones, suitable for mainstream mobile phones below 6.8 inches, strong versatility

Product information:

  • Material: ABS
  • Style: modern and simple
  • Installation method: Wall suction
  • Number of layers: 1 layer
  • Storage scene: Kitchen storage, Bathroom storage, Living room storage

Package Includes:

  • 1*Mobile phone holder 

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