Podium Style Stand With Extended Battery Up To 200%

$99.95 USD
$34.98 USD

Podium Style Stand With Extended Battery Up To 200% For iPad, iPhone And Other Smart Gadgets


  • Extended 10,500 mAh battery backup up to 200% for your iPad 1/2/3; 100% for iPad 4, Air 2/3/4/PRO; 200% on iPhone 8/10/11/PRO and other smart gadgets.
  • Unfolds to create a perfect viewing angle and neatly folds back to a small box that can be carried anywhere.
  • The base of the stand is a built-in charger with 2 USB charging ports that can be used for charging 2 devices simultaneously like your iPad and iPhone.
  • Podium Style Stand is also compatible with any Tablet or any other Smartphone.
  • You can recharge and reuse the extended battery over and over again, as it comes with a charging cable to recharge when power is used up.


Additional Features:

  • Podium Style Origami stand for your tablet and Smartphone.
  • 8,500 mAh capacity storage power with rechargeable batteries, that can recharge your iPad or tablet by up to 200% and iPhone or any Smartphone by 200%.
  • Recharge and reuse over and over again, as it has a minimum 1000 times power cycle.
  • Full Metal body, power control, and distribution button.
  • The power indicator on the charger shows the power stored.
  • Folds to a 4-inch square to easily carry in backpacks and laptop bags. 
  • Charging capacity may vary based on the condition of the battery in your device.
  • Colors available: Red, Silver, Black, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Gold.