LED Wireless Gaming Headset with Wired Option and 7.1 Surround Sound

$84.99 USD
$69.99 USD

Gaming Headset Gamer Headset 7.1 Surround HIFI Stereo Headset USB Microphone Breathing LED Light PC Gamer Suitable for PC PS4


  • Excellent sound quality: Use OneOdio Studio monitor headphones to enjoy extraordinary, balanced sound and highest comfort. The combination of a large 40mm speaker unit driver and neodymium magnets can provide stereo high-fidelity sound effects; strong bass, clear vocals and crisp treble form a perfectly balanced sound.
  • Stay comfortable: High-quality soft cushioned ear cushions are specially designed for monitoring headphones, providing maximum comfort and noise isolation. The headband is adjustable and stretchable, allowing you to find the angle you need.
  • No more adapters: When there is no electricity, a long DJ-style 3.5-meter-foot-long cable can easily stretch from the TV or stereo to your favorite chair.
  • Single-sided monitoring: 90° rotating earmuffs for single-ear monitoring at any time; self-adjusting and flexible headband can provide hours of fatigue-free listening experience, very suitable for mastering and mixing.
  • Applicable to: Applicable to iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android and many other audio devices. High-quality sound, highest durability and maximum comfort. These are the headphones you have been looking for. 
  • The 40mm diameter HiFi speaker has high sensitivity and precise noise reduction effect, allowing you to receive any detail of the sound and experience the realistic game battlefield. You can enjoy the game greatly.
  • The cool LED light design adds charm when playing games and looks more fashionable.